Within XOCIETY, humankind is reborn
Fifty millennia have passed since the sixth voluntary extinction,
you are now reborn as a citizen of the new civilization: XOCIETY.
Now, what is your next move?
Your Life
Please define your goals and ambitions: Going on a daring adventure? Amassing unimaginable wealth? Building an everlasting landmark? Perhaps... starting a devastating war? In XOCIETY, you are capable of acting on your free will; explore, achieve and claim ownership. To support your pursuit of dreams, an A.I. Drone named ‘Companion’ will always follow and assist throughout your journey. Yes, XOCIETY, a totally reconstructed civilization casting aside a repetitious and mundane past, is where you will start another life.
“High-Fidelity Metaverse”
XOCIETY is a high-fidelity science fantasy metaverse, providing a complete on-chain gaming experience. With goals of expanding horizons in terms of freedom of play, XOCIETY will deliver diverse systems of top-notch video games of our era to construct a creators’ hub.
Your World
In XOCIETY, there is no such entity called as a “Ruler” or “Government.” A completely decentralized universe will empower you to take part in the new economic structure as a generator of future energy called MOTUS. And of course, I, the NDUS, will proactively support you throughout the whole process.
“Decentralized World : A Pursuit of individualistic freedom”
XOCIETY aspires to achieve a fully decentralized universe. All participants may voluntarily engage in decision-making and management of the new world, acting as individual economic entities.
Your Dreams
With available time and resources, you will have the opportunity to “Create” and “Share” within XOCIETY. Such actions and accomplishments will enable you to stand out and become a revered, influential figure in the newly formed society.
Creator’s Ecosystem
“Creator’s hub : A platform for multi-playable content”
XOCIETY offers an in-game Editor and a wide assortment of developer tools for creators to produce various gaming content. Such playable content may be offered to all members in the metaverse to generate fun and joy.
Your Community
With my support, the NDUS, and of companions, you will engage with other citizens and build relationships as friends, competitors, or even as your enemies, forming a unique community. And the opinions and suggestions from you and the community you belong to is imperative in shaping the future of the XOCIETY. Every outcome is possible in this land of promise, and I will be waiting for you.
“Social Networking : A basis for participatory development”
XOCIETY aims to provide all means of social networking and is to eager to receive feedback. Even a small opinion from you and the community could have a positive impact on the creation of a new world!