Shoot, Earn, Pioneer.


XOCIETY is a metaverse
with shooter mechanics at
its core

Starting with a well developed MMOTPS core, progressing to
land and resource ownership with robust tokenomics and creator economy.
The game and metaverse is being developed by a well established
team of over 50 developers with decades of experience in the tech
and web2 gaming fields. Join XOCIETY if you're ready to build your own metaverse!


AAA Shooter Action
with RPG Progression

Multiple systems are designed to deliver deep and
meaningful character progression. A highly detailed,
fully immersive visualization of the player's progression
allows players to "empathize" & "immerse" themselves into a virtual self.


There is no such thing

as a free lunch in XOCIETY

In XOCIETY, players are required to perform meaningful activities for ecosystem
development in order to obtain valuable assets. Gamers pay for engaging content
and this is coupled with XOCIETY's traditional revenue generating models, which
will make a sustainable economy possible.


Build your own
world on Land NFTs

XOCIETY's Dev team has extensively researched the current Web3
environment as well as the current experience of the "Metaverse".
Rather than the standard model where a finished metaverse is
presented top-down to users in which land sale precedes development.
XOCIETY will be built step by step by users who develop the metaverse
and in turn are rewarded by opportunities for land sale and resources.


ALL Your Interoperable NFTs

XOCIETY aims to achieve two-way interoperability of NFTs.
Deep integration into Internal & External Transfers within XOCIETY.
Actively partnering with major projects to achieve the Web3 promise of interoperability.


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Lead Director
Jeffry Kim
20+ Years of Experience as Game Designer & Producer
Served multiple leadership positions for NCSOFT, Nexon, 2K Sports
Globally serviced Game/Platforms to 150+ Nations, 40M+ Downloads,
Including Lineage Eternal, Returners, Wars of Prasia, NC Universe
Creative Artist
Myoungjin Lee
30 YoE as Cartoonist & Art Director
Author of Ragnarok orignal comics
Art Director for Gravity on Ragnarok Online Series,
The first Korean Game Studio to be listed on NASDAQ
Business Director
Sang Chung
25 YoE as Business Developer
Career includes PlayDapp, NCSOFT, KOCCA, ItemBay
Served as Head of Business for PlayDapp,
The first Korean Web 3.0 studio to list on 10 CEX incl. Binance & Coinbase
Project Management Director
Namchoon Park
23 YoE as Project Manager & Producer
Lead PM for Lineage Eternal, NC Social, NC Universe, Returners
Producer for GetAmped, LoveNStory, LudyPang, Eternal Works
Served Multiple leadership positions for NCSOFT, Nexon, NTreevSoft, etc.
Game Design Director
YK Choe
18 YoE as Game Designer and Director
Served multiple leadership positions for Wemade, Netmarble, Krafton
Lead Director for Everytown, an SNG Metaverse,
Generating $100M+ revenue over seven years
Art Director
Doohyun Ko
15 YoE as 3D Artist & Art Director
Serviced Blade & Soul 2, NC Universe, NC Cinematics
Produced over 200+ 3D Animation VODs
Technical Director​
Jae-Hong Lee
20 YoE as Full-Stack Developer
NCSOFT, 2K Sports, NTreevSoft, Lunit
Developed Lineage Eternal, NC Universe
Recognized industry leader, author of 8 technical publications


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